I would love to shop again at DOABA MOTORS 
I would like to thank Doaba Motors for an exelent service even after sale
and selling clean, reliable vehicle to me. I bought Toyota Camery. 
I found every thing in this car what I was told on phone. 
Thanks for being honest. Hope to see you when I need another one. 
Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Yahoo Local User		April 24, 2006
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Awesome Prices 
Dear Doaba Motors,
I just wanted to send you this message to thank you for all your patience
and help in locating a new vehicle for us. As you may recall my story was that 
our reliable Honda Accord of 17 years was involved in an accident last month.
The situation ended in the car being written off as a total loss. So, we came
to you for quick help in finding my wife and I a new car before our  Honda was 
taken away Tuesday. The Thursday before you worked with me to find a great car
per our request. On Monday the car was in our possession of ownership as you 
worked with us and our credit union to complete the transaction. My Wife and 
I our VERY HAPPY to say we are the new owners of a Mercedes Benz E320 2003 with 
some 20100 miles and the warranty still enforce because I checked with Mercedes
Benz the next week. Our whole family, friends and relatives are pleased with the 
automobile. Now, we are riding in style thanks to DOABA MOTORS! 

M.A.MOTA 			April 09, 2006
InTerraSol Inc. 
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Doaba Motors have SUPERB Cars in affordable prices 
I bought my first car VW Beetle from Doaba Motors it is awesome, I love it.
It is very clean and in a good condition. 
I have driven it for four years(done 60,000 m) never had any problem. 
Prices are very reasonable and above all you can trust them. 

Milliriar March 26, 2006
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I love Doaba Motors!
I love Doaba Motors San Jose,great people,great prices,and easy shopping experience,
I just bought my Honda Odyssey and I"m off to Dodge Caravan.Thanks guys. 

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